Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Blah's

I hate spring. It's pretty much always cloudy. It's rainy, it's damp, and it smells like worms outside. I do have a fond memory of spring worms though. Back when I was a perfect child (snicker) I would pick up all the worms off the driveway and put them on the grass so mom or dad wouldn't squish them with the car. How cute is that? Today.... I drive right over the buggers. I honestly detest spring. Why is it I am in the minority? Can't anyone else see what I see? When the snow melts, roads are covered with dirt and trash. The grass is brown and matted and mommy pot holes have made all kinds of baby pot holes over the winter.

Then we have 3 months of humidity to look forward to. Humidity is my enemy. As I was not blessed with wash and wear hair I take great care in my daily washing, blow drying, fixing, ironing, spraying and shellacking. Three minutes outside and it deflates and plays dead. Even my hair's depressed. Who really has a good hair day during spring?

I've never been much of a summer person either. I hate to sweat. Heat bothers me. Anything over 17 Celsius is entirely too hot for me. The car interior heats to about 4000 Celsius. The entire summer I can be seen behind the wheel with the A/C blasting. Turn to see me in the car and my hair will be blowing furiously.

The abundance of lawn I have acquired with the purchase of my current home takes about 2 hours to cut, start to finish and I swear if you sat and watched, you'd actually SEE it grow. Weeds need to be pulled, flowers need to be watered. Fertilize the lawn, cut the lawn. Fertilize the lawn again, cut the lawn the again. Stop the madness! I pull out all the patio furniture from the shed, wash it down, place it nicely under the canopy, lovingly decorate it with lights and flowers, make it all charming and cheerful so that when I choose to eat outside in the midst of all that loveliness, the bees, wasps and flies chase me right back inside. If I'm lucky, I'll get to eat outside 3 times during the summer only to have to drag all that stuff back to the shed in two months time.

Winter... I can take it or leave it. I really don't mind it though. Nothing prettier than large snowflakes gently falling over trees and rooftops. Christmas decorations inside and out are a beautiful sight. Of course those of us in the North know about driving in the winter months and the extreme cold, oh the cold! That bitter, see-your-breath in the morning cold, (and that's before you get out of bed). Cars that won't start, feet that won't warm up and lets face it, are there really any 'attractive' hats for winter ?? That pretty much leaves me anguished from November to March.

Fall is my season of choice. Love the fall. Love the colours and the crispness in the air. The splendour of sweater weather. No sweltering heat and no humidity. I'm at least guaranteed 2 or 3 months of good hair days. Oversized sweaters, a roaring fire, the fall TV schedule and gourds. All my favourite things.

So the way I figure it, It will probably be 2nd or 3rd week in October before I beat this Tuesdays blahs.
Something to look forward to.

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