Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The City of Light

I love this time of year. Not because of the weather necessarily, but because of the road trips.
If you're looking for something different this summer and you are at all curious about things unknown, you might think about a trip to Lily Dale NY.
I made this very unusual road trip last year with my daughter and a few friends . For those not familiar with this place, Lily Dale is the largest Spiritualist community in the world. Now before the eye-rolling groans begin and the mouse clicks me off, hear me out. I too, was quite the skeptic before my weekend in Lily Dale.
This little community is three hours south of Toronto. Lily Dale is full of "Mediums and/or Psychics", In fact in order to live in this small, gated suburb residents must pass a test proving that they are a Medium.
During summer months you can attend the outdoor meetings and have an open air reading done by one of the local Mediums or a guest speaker. Tens of thousands of people flock to this town in hopes of being picked from the crowd to have a message delivered to them from the other side. Although a private reading is really the way to go.
Lily Dale is home to the ancient forest of Leolyn Woods which is thousands of years old. The centuries old, towering trees will leave you speechless. Deep in Leolyn Woods is America's oldest known public pet cemetery and Inspiration Stump where it has been documented that witnesses have seen and felt presences both male and female. This little corner of New York State is complete with their own campgrounds, historic hotels and private houses that will furnish you with the complete ghostly experience. Ensure your weekend includes a night in one of those! For under $60 a night you can bunk in Lily Dale's very own Maplewood Hotel which is listed in America's Most Haunted Places.
My own experience in this town was fascinating. My daughter Jessica accompanied me on this trip and during an open reading was called on by the Medium. She told my daughter that she was being guided and watched over by her Grandfather on her maternal side. She went on with the reading mentioning things that weren't just generic statements but things that truly had meaning to her. She went on to say that she 'saw her Grandfather with animals, perhaps horses.... horses running fast.. racing... wind blowing,' she said, as her arms flowed with the wind in front of her.
My eyes filled and a lump crept to my throat. My father owned a horse that had won the Queen's Plate in 1983. He was surrounded by horses all his life. The reading was short but full of impassioned enlightenment. We then proceeded to our own private readings. Each of us to our own Medium devoid of any contact or association with each other. Our outcomes were both wonderful and accurate.
In truth, I went there in hopes of hearing something about my dear sister who passed away of Breast Cancer almost 3 years ago and instead was surprised to hear that my father, who passed in 1991 was a major presence in mine and my daughters life. With more about my father and bits and pieces of my sister in my own reading (remember that you tell the Medium nothing about yourself other than your name) it was all enough to leave me with a sense of peace and comfort.
Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, you will undoubtedly leave Lily Dale more curious and open-minded.
While I enjoy my yearly road trips here and there, this trip will remain closest to my heart.
To this day, I really do believe in Angels.

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  1. I believe in Angels too. I would love to make the trip there.