Monday, April 27, 2009

Versions of Me

I wanted to personalize my blog a bit.
Most people put a picture of themselves on their blogs... tiny thumbnail head shots. Cute. But not me. I searched and searched for an interesting picture of myself, but since I despise being in front of a camera there are very few to choose from. There's something about standing still, frozen for seconds that seem like hours with a fake smile stuck on my face... I just don't like it. The few that I did find on my computer I have managed to deface with facial hair and devil horns. Those pictures wont do. So how do I find something appropriate. Something personal. Something that says 'Me'. A little creativity with the help of the internet and I've managed to come up with these.

Perhaps you can help me choose.

There's this one.

This seems vaguely familiar.

It's somewhat me.
She looks bored enough.
It's my shade of lipstick.
I like the hair. The hair is good, but I'm not much into the sensible shoes.

This might do.

And then there's this one.

This is me in the morning.
The hair is fitting for the early a.m.

Again, the eyes are characteristic of a.m. and p.m.
(and much of the day between).

But this is a good likeness.

Then I thought I could show what I might look like in the future.

It seems I've stopped colouring my hair.

Contacts are a thing of the past obviously.
Must have lost the tweezers.

And of course a drink in my hand. Classic.

I suppose this is the closest likeness of me.

That's's a pretty good likeness of her too.
That's me, outstanding in my field. Ha!
Notice the health food in my hand. Notice the snarl on my face, the two go hand in hand.

Maybe I can use one of these. You can help me decide.

Oh yeah, and if I were an M&M , I'd be...
Cheers !

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