Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Oughta Be Ashamed

I love movies. As a matter of fact I'm quite a movie buff. I have an affection for black and white films. The suspense they created with shadows and a dark set has long since died and been replaced by big budget special effects. By today's standards most old films can be considered corny and overacted. Obviously the sets and effects were small potatoes compared to what they currently achieve.
While I am most content to sit at home and view an exceptional oldie, most films today require a large screen to be truly appreciated. For the sensational visuals and panoramic filming, a movie theatre is a must.
Aside from the draw of the big screen, there is another very notable justification for attending a movie theatre, the popcorn. Simply put, I am a popcorn junkie. An authentic, genuine cellulose, fructose, carb aficionado. If I know ahead of time, I'll skip dinner to indulge in a large, hot buttered popcorn. Oh, but not just buttered, no-sir-ee. It then has to be delicately and systematically adorned with a powdered topping. A high sodium, zero nutrition topping. Of course anyone who knows anything about sprinkled toppings knows for certain that you need butter to make it stick to the popcorn.
Concession Person: "Would you like butter on that?"
Me: "Yes please, and can you layer that for me?"
What am I thinking ? Have I no respect for my body?
Now I make my way into the theatre where I scan for the perfect spot. I don't need to be dead center to the screen. I prefer to be off to the side where a select few are seated. I make sure I get there early enough because I simply can't see a movie without viewing all of the opening credits. If I walk in during opening credits, I'm late and the movie is ruined for me. (see Anal Retentive post).
I settle in, remove my coat, turn off my cell and eagerly dive into my indulgence. This is my Eden. Euphoria sets in and all is right with the world.
Ok, so here's the downside to my delight.
Ready for some staggering stats? A large UNBUTTERED popcorn has about 80 grams of fat, more than 50 of them saturated. That's almost three day's worth of saturated fat, that's like eating six Big Macs. Succumb to the butter on your large popcorn and you'll raise the fat to close to 130 grams. (Add another 2 Big Macs.)
(Heavy sigh)
So whats a popcorn enthusiast to do? I think I'll consider an alternative the next time. Perhaps I'll bring apple slices, low fat granola or dried soy beans or maybe a bag of grapes!

HaHaHaHaaa!! naahhhhhhhhh

I know it's wrong. I'm so ashamed.
But I'm honest. I prefer junk food at the movies. There. I said it.
All I need is a little excercise.
I swear I'll do butt clenches all through the movie.

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  1. I hate knowing what I've been eating at the movies :(